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When it comes to bagels, The Bagel Factory serves only the best. Visit our dine-in area to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee, a bakery fresh bagel, or a delicious sandwich. For an added treat, try a cup of one of our famous soups that are all made daily. Whatever you're in the mood for, The Bagel Factory knows how to satisfy you!

Bagel Box Score "The Best"

By Karen Stabiner and Erick Mankin (LOS ANGELES TIMES)
The Best New York Style Kosher Bagels in Los Angeles

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"Bagels are best in LA. But the SOUP is where it's at. SONNY'S SOUPS are the *bomb*. Kosher, often times vegan/vegetarian, and ridiculously good. And a medium soup comes with an amazing bagel."
- Zack L.
"The bagels are delicious. Boiled and baked for the perfect texture. Good toppings on both sides. Their cream cheese is good too. Plus, Sonny (the owner) is a dear. I was in the store in the early afternoon one day and he asked me why I wasn't at yeshiva. Can you beat it? I've lived in California long enough to love it when I can get NY food without NY crankiness."
- Jessica B.
"I love the Bagel Factory. Have been going here now for over a decade. My favorite is the Omelet on a Bagel. I have the American Omelet on an Onion bagel, toasted with a lite amount of cream cheese. Occasionally I have them add tomato. The soups are amazing, all vegetarian. My faves are the tortilla, vegetable or minestrone. They also serve the most Excellent coffee's."
- Erica H.
In addition to being a bagel shop, The Bagel Factory has more than 15 homemade soups of all different kinds. Every one of them is absolutely delicious and served hot. Additionally, they are all low in fat and low in carbohydrates, so your                 
taste buds can indulge in something healthy. Visit us on Fridays                           
and holidays so you can get a taste of our famous challah!                          .
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